Dark Day, Good Day

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Good Friday.  It seems like a contradiction in terms.  The blackest day in human history- when the Son of God was unjustly condemned, mocked, flogged and crucified.  But, without that day, we are dead in sin and to the possibility of full life.  In one sense, it is the worst day in history.  In another, the best day.  It certainly is history’s biggest pivot day since the creation.  It impacts everyone in the world, present and future.

We silently and soberly remember today with the lingering anticipation of Easter.  However, before Easter comes this year, just remember that this mother of every “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” had potential that was realized.  And, if you know the God who orchestrated this event, you can rest assured that there is potential that can be realized in every “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”; yours and mine.

The path was paved.  The table was set.  Fullness is waiting.  Eternity is available.  This is a day to mull over every dark activity of humanity against God and understand its sinister potential and desperate futility.  It is a day to weep over the pain which we helped create.  It is a day to ruminate in silence over the silence that fell upon the Son of God.  Then, let us smile with those tears running down our cheeks as we await what we know to be coming- the best future from a dismal day.

Remember, your dark day can be the beginning of a very good day; always.