Do People Need What You Have?

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We often say, “People need Jesus.”  I believe that is true.  I say it often.  I believe it thoroughly.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through Him (John 14:6).  Simultaneously, we say “You can only give what you have.”  Putting the two together, people need Jesus and we will only be able to convey the Jesus that is in our lives and whom we know.  That is stating the obvious.  So, the question is, “Is the Jesus you have, the Jesus that people need?”

If the Jesus I have is good for chatting with briefly before meals and bed, and difficult to trust in trying circumstances, is that of any real value to others?  If the Jesus I have rarely convicts me or moves me to change my behavior, is that of any real help to me or others?  If the Jesus I have does not give a surpassing joy or  a sustaining peace, am I really able to convey much at all?  If the Jesus I have is worthy of my praise on Sunday, but not my full attention on Wednesday or allowed to govern what I watch when I am in front of the TV or computer, do I have much to offer anyone?

However, if the Jesus I serve, rules my life supremely, fills me with love, and gives me hope and purpose for every moment and in every circumstance, is that not what people want and need?  So, without a doubt, people need Jesus.  But, they need that Jesus who saves, forgives, restores, shapes, changes and conforms to the will of God.  Who doesn’t need that?

I don’t believe that evangelism is most often a communication issue, but a content issue.  It is not about how we speak, but what we possess to speak about.  It is not just about communicating a truth, but following the Truth and letting others have a peek.  Do people need what you have?  If so, speak it loudly.  If not, draw close to Christ and encourage others to follow along?