General Conference

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We are close to a historic General Conference of the Free Methodist Church.  Communications are different than ever before.  We are going global at the event with thanks to modern technology.  Groups will have a different focus than ever before.  We will have record numbers in attendance.  We now have more partners and collaborating friends of the FMC than ever before.  Many representatives from these groups will be joining us.  Attendees are being asked to become full participants.  We will have a record number of languages represented there.  It will be at the birthplace of the FMC.  We currently have more networks in ministry than ever before.  Added to all of that, we are retooling for a new future. 

In the midst of all of this, there is a buzz about bishops (who, what and how many) that always energizes many attendees.  Also are conversations around the Board, Missions and Superintendents.  But, leadership structures will take a back seat to the work of collectively planning to do the mission of the church in our ministry family. 

When we gather together as a family, regardless of the agenda, it is most productive, encouraging and worth the while if we are a unified family, filled with the Holy Spirit and genuinely eager to do God’s will together.  If that is the case, our days ahead are bound to be exciting.  Please be praying.  And, if you are coming, do so in a spirit of prayer.