Acting on Purpose

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I haven't written a blog entry for some time.  I have been traveling feverishly around the globe (something of which I am not very fond).  Seriously, I enjoy a dental chair more than an airplane seat.  But, at least my mouth is in better shape than if I spent that much time in the dental chair. 

On my travels, I have met with some of the most interesting people I have ever met.  Some of them are very skilled; some very unskilled.  For some reason, I have discovered that many of them are at crossroads in life.  Of course we all face times of decision.  The economy has forced many of decisions due to dissolving jobs and better opportunities elsewhere.  The usual issues of changing life status is another factor in the crossroads concern.  Regardless of the reason, I have noticed that in making major life decisions, many of these new friends are considering concerns larger than themselves.  In several cases, very little was mentioned about potential salary, benefits, improved living environments or a place that provides for security or advancement.  Most of the conversation was about getting close to family, doing something that matters signficantly for the betterment of the world or fulfilling a desire to follow a passion for good. 

This trend is encouraging.  It demonstrates that people are acting on purpose, rather than on self.  People are making decisions on the basis of call rather than comfort.  These are good signs.  However, I wish that many of these folks were more bent on making that purpose, something that is one step further removed from the self- God's purpose for them and this world.  It is good to do things beyond personal comfort.  It is something altogether better to do something because we have been constrained by God's call upon our lives to do it.  That shifts our decisions from being altruistic to being transformational.  As odd as it sounds to some, I have asked them, "Have you prayed about this?"  "Do you have a peace that God is in this?"  It might sound odd to some, but it has sounded offensive to none.  I think most people would like to think that there is someone bigger that cares.  Acting on purpose is good.  Acting for God's purposes is better.