A Tribute to Japan

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I was in Asia two weeks ago when the tsunami hit.  Though I was in the region, I was in a place not immediately impacted by the disaster. 

I know several people in Japan.  After making or trying to make contact with several of them, I discovered that they were very measured in their response.  Their compassion for those affected was high.  Their eagerness to help was moving.  Their resolve to make it through was clear. 

What I didn't hear was panic or despair or assigning blame or any form of over-reaction or caustic criticism.  As a result, they had the ability to focus upon remedy, rebuilding and reaching people in a tangible way.  That is how to make something good out of something bad.  That is how to keep the eyes open enough to see potential out of the wreckage. 

I wish that people around the world could see how much hope comes from those who channel their love and will toward blessing, restoring and planning for good.  There would be no disaster big enough to rock our world if a God-sized faith and love was securely in place.